Established in the year 1998, certified UNIK Chemicals has been into manufacturing and supplying of Ferric and Non Ferric Alum, Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleaching Powder, Dozer, Gaseous Chlorination Plants, Electronic Dosing Pump, Gravity Feed and Vacuum Feed,900 kg Empty Chlorine Gas Cylinder, 100 kg Chlorine Gas Cylinder, Spares of water treatment plant Filter Media for Rapid Sand Filter and Slow Sand Filters.

Our Strength

We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of UNIK Bleach Liquid Chiorine, Vaporized Liquid Chlorine Gas, Bleaching powder, Alum, H2S Strips, Chlorinators & Dosers.

At UNIK Laboratories, We offer our customers complete service analytical capabilities.

At UNIK Laboratories, We have been accredited by BQMR & QMSlogy, Govt.of India ISO 9001:2008. This certification ensures that our lab meets the highest standard of quality, and can deliver accurate and reliable results every time. UNIK Laboratories testing equipments such as Universal Testing Machines and Impact Testing machines have achieved a wide range of accreditations from leading organizations.

UNIK CHEMICALS having its manufacturing facilities in IDA, Gajulamandyam manufactures UNIK bleach, Alum and processes various media at the location.